What is life
But a conflation of
A glorious obscured past
A truthful crepuscular present
A crippled blatant  future



  1. #Loveit – even though I had to google one or 2 of the words.. lol (DOH at my limited lexicon)

    Also , this back round is absolutely awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing!



      1. Well I feel slightly better… lol (and not so dimwitted)

        BUT on the upside, I learnt some new words today – which is always a good thing 🙂


      2. BWAHAHAHA!! Oh. My.Goodness – it’s only 8:45pm so I can’t even say its because I’m tired.. lol

        although I am tired cause according to sleep bot I only had 15 hours sleep in the last 3 days, which is probably not enough!

        Perhaps you are addicted to the feeling of urgency you get?


      3. Whoa. You really need to get some sleep then. O_O
        But really some days I just wake up and I am tired and then get scolded by mum for ‘always’ being lazy.

        Haha, I agree it has always been the urgency that drives me into anything. =)


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