Everyday he passes by
a heedful mirror
Blemishing itself
it displays his scars
hides the stories
He wonders
if beyond that sheet of transparence
there is a world
that would
mirror the mirror of his soul



      1. Next time to write a poem, just put down the bottom of it – this is part of Just Jot It July and link it up with the link that I provided. That will connect with my blog and then my readers and participants of Just Jot It July activity will be able to click my blog to come and visit yours 🙂

        Here is an example of one: http://awomansaved.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/there-will-one-day-be/

        It’s a lovely way of connecting with other bloggers 🙂 Lots of bloggers have prompts to help us write and connect – the more you participate, the more people you get connect with, and show your work to 🙂



      2. Thanks so much – just trying to share some of what I have learnt 🙂

        It’s taken me a few years, but lets face it, I disappear from my blog sometimes for weeks at a time.. lol


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