Hands reach out
for unwanted help
Birds flee their
broken nests
Leaves wander
into nowhere



  1. “Leaves wander into nowhere” – they sound quietly if looking for something, but in no subtle fashion
    Me like!


  2. Poignant and beautiful! It is deeply moving to see the crisp gold falling off from the trees unto the ground. But every leaf is holding an undying hope in its bosom……. hope that the lost vigour and life will come in full swing……….. just the time has to rise its veil.


  3. Very nice poem. With a hint of sadness as well. Change can cause some distress and upset. However, it also means new beginnings. I like change. I try to embrace it and look at it as a new phase in life. Like a new and exciting adventure.
    This poem makes me think of the seasons, and how autumn and winter can bring about a coldness, somewhat of a death. But it was necessary for it to happen so that new life could be birthed and strength could be developed.
    Beautiful sweetie.

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    1. Yes, exactly. Nothing dies, it just rejuvenates. I try to embrace changes too at times it can falter but in a long run every change becomes a part of ourselves as you said – ‘so that new life could be birthed and strength could be developed.’ very true. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the lovely comment, Staci! You’re a gem. ❀

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