Justice Served in Sky’s Silver Platter

Clouds highlighted in grey
Dwindle the same as white
Inverted crowns on the run



      1. Isn’t it interesting what readers pick out? Sometimes it’s just what we hoped, other times it’s something else we didn’t realize was much to shout about–or that we were “dubious” about. I appreciate readers who are specific in their comments.


  1. See D! this is the punishment for being late (I hope you know my reasons)………… all my good thoughts are already enveloped in other comments by wonderful people. Yet, I have something to say: The poem is apparently a celestial law court with justness dished out in Sky’s silvern platter. As Staci said…… the title is aptly beautiful. You caught the wonder very smartly. It is justified poetically by you. Stay shining! 🙂

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    1. Aw, it’s okay R, I understand, please don’t feel bad about it.
      See? You always have something fresh to add which always contributes further to the meaning of the poem. As you said, I tried to present it in a form of a royal court – with the silver platter and the crown.
      Thanks so much, R! Always appreciate your presence and encouragement. *Hugs* 🙂

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