Those who flew out of the kiln


Somewhere in the
streaming universe
There was a clay bird
Undefined in shape
Ubiquitous in colour
Tranced by ripples

Unmade and made



    1. Thank you for that thoughtful comment, my friend. I agree with your perspective, we are, as you stated, ‘clay birds’, and many times we change in a day, for better or for worse, that can never be concluded.
      Your comment always leaves a smile on my face! You too have a fantastic week ahead. 🙂

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  1. Profound and thoughtful words, Light. In this dynamic universe, each moment witnesses a birthing of untainted ‘clay bird’. But as the life goes on……….the same untainted clay bird carries on all the colors and shapes, the world desires to see in it. In the process, the clay bird loses its originality and it becomes the scape goat of perception of the viewer. In other way, as you said, we change ourselves for better or worse.That is the irony and that is the way of life in our world. You have put your thoughts is a beautiful percept. Live your Light! Love R!. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, R! I love reading your interpretations – “untainted clay bird carries on all the colors and shapes, the world desires to see in it.” – exactly my thoughts, everything and everyone tries to shape us the way they would like to see us, but we always return home, that is where we are what we are. You’re right, that’s the way it is in our world and acceptance is the only way we can survive. Thanks for such a lovely insight into your perceptions, always love your comments!
      Lots of Love and tea for you, R! ❤

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      1. Pleasure is mine dear. You have said a very beautiful thing that sums up the essence -“Acceptance is the only way we can survive”
        We cannot resist the whole world being part of it………….. so acceptance makes it little easy.
        Hmmmmmmmm the TEA was super strong and refreshing. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed. Stay blessed, D!.


  2. This is beautifully deep and brilliant. The last three lines in particular mean so much and speak to so many things intuitively. And, I absolutely love the word “ubiquitous”–it’s one of my favorites 🙂

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    1. Oh, thanks so much for such a thoughtful comment, my friend. I’m really glad you liked it.
      I know, right? The word ubiquitous has a magical spell feel to it which makes it absolutely wonderful! Thanks again!
      Hope you’re doing well. 🙂


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