seas fold in waves
sing songs of distant gravity-
a moon shines in craters



      1. Oh really. I didn’t actually count the syllables. I just presumed by the structure. I guess I should count before saying such eh.
        I’m so glad I brightened your day.


      2. Hmmmmm. I was going through some of that recently too. It gets better my friend. Art is a war. Don’t give up, cause then resistance wins.
        I’ll bake up a batch right now, just for you.

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      1. that’s just a talented writer’s organic sense of humility presenting to the writer itself as insecurity 🙂 don’t worry D, young matey, you are about to get so much better, and that doesn’t take away anything from these lovely words you spin daily

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      2. Mighty is for mouses, D. Writers can be cantankerous meanies too. Not that you are one 😛 It’s just that language affects some people and others affect people through language. Curl up against a bed and read, you must not but rather make people do that 🙂

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      1. Nope, not “kind” as much as really picky–there’s no time to read blogs I don’t honestly get something from, and I was sad to read in the comments that you were doubting your talent.


      2. Oh my…i am very touched by your comment my friend and I am sorry about what I said in the previous comments, I wasn’t the best version of me yesterday, as you know so many things affect us as writers because we tend to be more sensitive than others which is as much a boon as a curse..it was a bad day.
        Ah, I am not stressed anymore! And I always feel brilliant after reading your words!
        Much love! ^_^


      3. Ohhh, bless your baby heart! I’m sorry you were having an off day–and don’t worry so much about comments, at least not with me. We can always work things out–so if I have a question, I’ll just ask you; and you can feel free to do the same–okay? We’re good!

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  1. What a celestial view D! Love seeing this splendour. Seas, waves, songs and moon…………wonderful companions on life’s walkway. How beautiful would be this heavenly journey? Simply wandering imagining your words in my mind’s eye. Stay motivated. 🙂

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      1. My Pleasure, Light. Thank you for the concern. I am doing absolutely fine now. Yes, nature is a never-ending poetry and we can always live in its glory. So beautiful is this feeling. Stay shining in its glory. 🙂


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