Blissful in Puddled Silence

It rained heavily today
Like it’d erase the tree rings
Like it’d clean the leaf rust
None of that happened
It will one day

I knew what was coming

– Puddled sunshine

So, I decided to talk
to my friends
Because rainy days are
the best to cry

I knew what was coming

– Blissful Hatred

They were happy
One by default
The other in fear
We laughed, and
we laughed
at the past that
now so passionately
toys with us
in memories of the future
that is now our sky

I knew what was coming

– Medicated Silence

I know what’s to come

– Staccato Paths



  1. Amazing and Orphic! The Gif is totally fantastic and refreshing. So beautiful to watch those raindrops sliding in gracility…………as if washing away the pain, mutely. “It would clean the leaf rust”- so deep is this. I wonder if that would ever happen. It is like cleaning the stained and drained past……….showering us afresh in the present. You have constructed it so magically. The best part is “Rainy days are the best to cry”. But very true……….because no one can witness your crying……………and no one can see your tears. Unless, they have tasted your pain. I think………..rain drops and tears are twin concerns. Just love your poem D! It is awesome. Stay shining. 🙂


    1. Thanks, R! You’ve interpreted the poem so beautifully that I need not say anything anymore. And yes, rainy days are indeed lovely days to cry, everything gets dissolved in it. “rain drops and tears are twin concerns” – wow, what a lovely perspective! I’m super-happy you loved it, my friend! ❤ 🙂

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