Curiosity killed the pariah

At what pace
should my stagnant world
of memories and daydreams move
In order to catch up with the rate
at which I need to flatter you
Without my weakness being labelled – Crime



  1. Yes, curiosity about a muse can lead to obsessive tendencies if one does not take a step back and balance their life, time and energy. Excellent wit and insight into the lemming-like nature of cat curiosity without restraint!

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    1. Hehe, you know who that ‘someone’ is…sigh sigh I am tired of sighing. Enough already! AAHH! I want to shout while sky diving or do something as scary just to let it out!
      All of this because I *have* to get *away* from here…this year and that’s it! Goodbye and all that.
      Wow, too much adrenaline-rush-blabbering, was it? Hahahaha, I really really really hope that I get into a decent university and leave.
      How’re you, Staci? And, when are you leaving for Porto Seguro, Bahia? I feel jealous because…BEACHES! But, it’s okay as long as it’s you! I’ll just be here, cursing my home’s heating system. Hehehehe 😀

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      1. Ohhh, unfortunately I think I do.
        Eek! Sky diving? You’re brave. I think you just need the adrenaline rush, right? My uncle used to be a sky diving instructor. I could hook you guys up 🙂
        You’re planning on trying to get into a uni in the USA right? I wish I could make things better for you, sweetie. Sounds tense for you right now.
        I’m fine. Totally busy right now. I’m moving at the end of the month to a different city, so things are very busy here. Plus we’re going on that mini beach vacay. Ahhhhhh. Wish I could bring you wish. I’m sure the sun and escape from there would do wonders for you. Gotta love seratonin levels increasing in the brain. 🙂
        Love and hugs 🙂 ❤


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