Some lyrics for University Applications

Not sure if life has
been liberal enough
to give me exactly four hobbies 

Or if winning in a
biased sports event
would be enough as non-academic achievement

Psychometric tests –
I meditate to try and
realise its importance
But, what relation does
one’s height and weight
have with intellect?
Now maybe that’s a question
you should have asked in
the application form

I know, I know *not every application is the same* but I’m not sorry! Because I’m tired of filling application forms. Day after day after day after day after day. Not only is it tougher than the qualifier exams you have to pass in order to finally have the audacity to fill that form, it’s an extremely abashing experience – moreover when you’re sitting with a friend or family, while filling one of those.

“State three of your strengths and weaknesses.” 

In the above specimen you have to write three massively vague ‘strengths’ and try to beautifully crochet their ‘extreme cases’ as your weakness. Example –

Strength – Leadership qualities -(read as ‘claptrap’)-

Weakness – Could sometimes be too work oriented -( watching slice of life anime just to feel good about having horrendously cruel views on life)-

Good luck to those who aren’t here yet and Bravo to those who made it out alive!

And, to think that I might add ‘blogging’ as one of my interests, also mention my blog-URL…hmm..this post..uhm.




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