If you fall off the edge, the earth is flat





The tragedy of an average –
sum of all
only to be split
by the count
of what counts
if it is countable

Like a fractal trying to
fit into a reflection
too small for a snowflake



  1. There’s a law of averages many are familiar with, yet ignore – I don’t think you fit into the equation with an ability to write (think) like this, yet you still take time to count. This makes you even less average.

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  2. I like this. It reminds me of my poem below, and this music video:

    “Fleeting Bated Breath’s Release”
    by Ry Hakari

    We are Willows walking every eve into mourning,
    silent secret-weepers over hibernating people’s
    hearts that only make-believe like trees and leave.

    When alone we’re our pillow’s talking in our sleep,
    Winters waltzing charmed in each other’s arms
    through the other Halcyon’s calming dreams.

    Long-distance falling facets of our slow-dances go
    mostly unnoticed like the uniqueness of the snow,
    our soul flakes melting on our bated breath’s release.

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    1. Thank you very much, Pepperanne! Specially for noticing Fractals! They are my favourites too, there’s so much simplicity in it’s complex structure – totally fascinating!
      I haven’t been around much and have missed your poems! I’ll get myself updated asap. =)
      Even if it’s a bit (a lot?) late wish you a lovely new year, Pepper! ^_^

      Much love

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    1. Haha, you’re too kind to think so high of me but there are so many who write a lot more creative poetry than me..and so can you! Believe in yourself and you’ll be just fine! I look forward to reading some poetry by you too! =)
      Thank you very much. I appreciate your presence on my blog. ❤

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      1. its not that im thinking high of you but you know…
        people usually arent very good at poetry… umm like me.. 🙂
        plus your the poet i know of at the moment…
        thankyou very much
        im glad to have you in my blog too

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