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break free
With motility
as bleak, as
that of a snake
tacking on shed skin
Nature – a bird wary of
flowers escaping my
spiral bound notebook,
sinks its beak to
stop an old



  1. Loment?! I had to search this out (ʘ_ʘ)

    “A loment (or lomentum) is a type of indehiscent legume fruit that breaks apart at constrictions occurring between segments, so that each segment contains one seed. It is a type of schizocarp.”

    And *ba-dum tssss* makes perfect sense! I liked what i read in combination with what you wrote, it breaks apart and so it “breaks free”, gosh, i even made the picture in my brain, the fruit breaking apart slowly and steadily and as the weight drags it down “with motility as bleak as that of a snake on shed skin”, you created some great unorthodox visual there, there, you, you, i love what you did there! And these loments are no other but “flowers escaping your spiral bound notebook” whereas the bird who’s pretty much aware of what’s going on, it “sinks its beak to stop an old heartbeat”. And something tells that it was a wise and soothing action on behalf of the bird, had more loments escaped, the heartbeat would grow stronger and the older the heartbeat the greater the echo; and an echo of the past isn’t always pleasing. I think i just read something great, Yoshina Bushi Taiyou! (ʘᴥʘ)

    PS. The first and last smileys depict my gradual change of facial expression, from ‘EEEEEEEH?’ to ‘AAAAHAAAAAAAA!’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    1. Woooaah..that change of your facial expression. Bwahahahaha and that last face woooow the emoticon kamisama must be impressed with you XD XD XD
      Your *ba-dum tssss* explanation is spot on with what I wanted to convey, as always, Know Kwon Kohai! Yoshina Bushi Taiyou thanks you for the appreciation! 🙂 Ooooh I love my namae so much. 😀

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      1. Kamisama!!! Yeah, the last face was hilarious, i couldn’t believe it when i found it, i just had to share it XD XD It’s as if it watches through your soul XD
        Know Kwon Kohai 😀 Nuuuuuuoh! Me thanks for the beautiful piece of beauty ^-^ I’m glad you’re enjoying your name, Yoshina Bushi Taiyou!!! *does the chincha dance*

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      2. Ahahaha yeah the “I see your soul, it’s a pie” face. XD I’m glad you shared that life threatening emoticon though. XD
        Ermahgerd! The KKK Dance is here! The chincha dance is waaaay better than cheese-overload ending for Pinocchio though. At one point I was doubting if it really is the last scene of a drama that started so awesome or am i watching a wedding dress collection advertisement? Who knows where the internet might take you, right? XD XD


      3. Oh, look who we have here, advertiser critic Yoshina! XD XD XD XD I haven’t reached the end, but with all these spoilers around i know that they get married so don’t feel sad, you did nothing RONG XD Can’t they offer something more humble? I guess it’s against their genes! A drama must be imperial or something, especially in marriages lol! That’s why i started loving tvN and it’s more natural/realistic approach 😀 IT’S A PIE!!!! i’m glad too XD otherwise i would have forgotten it XD

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      4. AHA! Copy me all you want, Know Kwon! You won’t get this chance when your examinations begin ’cause that’s called CHEATING. In the face, oh so in the face. Gomen ne! XD XD XD
        Ah, there’s no need to reach the end, really! Imagine the best possible ending for the leads and BAM! you know the story. They didn’t even care to show wherever on Planet Oh-so-obvious, our precious Hyung is rotting. Ugh! You right…it’s in their genes to sugar-coat the end. Damn! Borrow some from Japanese story writers and give us a satisfactory ending to us humans…we’re not heart shaped chocolate chip cookies now, are we?
        -Rant over- XD
        Agreed though, tvN chooses b/w fantasy and reality, the way it actually works. __/\__

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      5. I copypypypy youuuu! Damn, these phrases are so ‘say it in your own way while reading’ provocative, i ALWAYS give sound to them XD it was like “in the face, oh so in the face” in rap tone and then i went anime-like gomen neeeeee XD XD XD
        Hyung rots in jail and nobody gives a piece of tea-leaf for him? o.o And that bitch his brother made him turn himself in to write his name on a rock and throw it in the sea? XD Reporters…
        Kamisama make dramas more palpable in terms of reality! Purise!!!! Kamisamaaaaa let tvN make its own empire and everyone shall follow its footsteps!

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      6. Lol XD I know right? Japanese is always anime voice! Always! With the draggy bit and overly whiny voice quality. XD
        Yeah, they don’t even bother showing his face..he serves only as a part of some goofy flashback. T_T Reporters. Reporters. Incorrigible.
        We’ll lend our island to tvN, they can make dramas without feeling like outcasts. XD *plays the kamisama music*

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      7. Come on, hyung was the salt and pepper of the drama! They should had left him out to roam around and exterminate them all xD
        OMO! KAMISAMA MUSIC!!!!! Welcome to Kamisama Radio, the heavenly station where music breathes Kamisama and Kamisama breathes… Kamisama! Welcome on board, tee-vee-EN, feel free to make your drama hiah, nao, sugoi ne? 😀

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      8. YA! I had started becoming worried >.> And not a single poem was appearing in the WP blogfeed >.> And i’m so glad it was these two factors x)
        tee-vee-EN! Our durimo channeru! Sugoiiii ne 😀
        You you Yoshina Bushi Taiyou >.> 😀

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      9. Ahahaha Ri Jin asks in a hopeful questioning tone “Shin..Se..Gi?” and comes the depressing reply “CHA DO HYUN IMNIDA” lol, to be honest I am as eager as Ri Jin to see Se Gi resurface. 😀 😀
        The other day I was looking for the actor who plays Ri On and oh my it’s Park Seo Joon! I remember him from Dream High 2 days and either he has changed a lot or I’ve gone blinder…maybe it’s that “lush” hairstyle ahahaha nope O_o


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